"THE HEAVY SEED" out now via Fuzzorama Records

"We could easily write a novel about how this album transcends the stoner rock genre, it’s truly a masterpiece of fuzz."
• Rotation11 •

"10/10. Masterpiece."
• Metal Temple •

"Treading in the Elder realm of progressive stoner rock, these guys write sprawling riffs and mesmerizing grooves to keep you enthralled."
Ripple Music

"An album that rises above, this is perfect summer music, stoner rock at its warming and dreamy best."

"Swan Valley heights have created a classic of the genre."
• La Habitación 235 •

"The Heavy Seed" has arrived - our new record is out now via Fuzzorama Records! Available as digipack, black vinyl, sea blue transparent vinyl (limited edition) and aqua blue/red twin-colored vinyl (Fuzzorama exclusive, strictly limited to 142 copies!) in the Fuzzorama Store and for streaming on all platforms.

"The Heavy Seed" was recorded live in a former sheep stall and is designed for big speakers. Like back in the days when there was still snow and insects. Full of mojo, shroomy timbres and big ugly chords. And the best thing, it's mixed with Andy's drumkit in the center!  The album includes our Tulum-summerhit "Vaporizer Woman", the autobiographical "My First Knife Fight" and 13-minute epos "The Heavy Seed", the last of which contains a really cool (!) Mario Kart-esque banger middle section.